25 Years of Consulting Excellence

Twenty five years ago this month, Crystal Clear was “born.”  Never did I imagine while growing up on an Iowa farm that I’d own a company that serves clients in many parts of the world.


The past 25 years have been a wonderful, rewarding journey.  We’re grateful for what each client has taught us.  Our lives have been greatly enriched through the interaction with each person.


Being allowed to serve executives of differing ages and backgrounds who work in diverse businesses continues to be a joy.  We’re fortunate that many still keep in contact with us and report that they’re still using the tools we’ve provided long after the formal relationship has ended.


I wish each of you much success in 2011.  I wish for you all the insights and wisdom you need to reach your goals, and the clarity and energy to do so easily.  Just as importantly, I wish you all the personal happiness and fulfillment you can contain.


P.S.  We’ll be adding insights, thoughts and suggestions here from time to time.  If you’d like to know when we make entries, please sign up on the “RSS Feed” button.   

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4 Responses to 25 Years of Consulting Excellence

  1. Congratulations on 25 years – and also on the launch of this very nice website!

  2. Bob Ruff says:

    Hi Barry, just reviewed your blog at your request and found it very interesting.  The opening speaking to: "What makes executives successful" is something I get asked a lot (and yes, I am not a consultant)!  I find like so many things, trying to reduce things to their simplest form is as much the key to being successful, as driving results by getting your employees to do their roles at their highest ability providing maximum contributions.  Keeping things simple isn't easy, it's a skill.  Especially when you're an engineer!  I find whatever objectives I am trying to drive if you keep it simple, it’s easier for people to understand and typically drives the best results. 
    Your blog is just like that to me.  Keep it that way……..simple, direct and easy to read

    • Barry Moze says:

      Thanks for your response Bob, and I can’t think of a better example of a business leader driving results than your commitment to yor work in China. Your are an example of excellence to everyone at Rockwell.

  3. Jan Smit says:

    Great webside as stated before me, easy to read and as always direct approach, look forward to the next items.

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