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In the last 25 years of management consulting the question I am most often asked: What is the one common trait all good Leaders possess? The answer: The ability to Drive Results within their businesses or organizations. Unfortunately, it’s been my experience that this characteristic is not very common in most business executives. 


Some Leaders are good stewards of the success of their organizations; they manage well, make sure the business stays on track. In essence, they ride the wave of success and momentum the business has created in the past. Then there are those who, because of their “unique” personalities, actually sub-optimize their business ability to achieve the success they are capable of. So in other words, the business succeeds despite the efforts of their executive.


The examples above are what I refer to as Geographical Successes. Simply put, because of the office they hold, these executives are automatically associated to the success of the enterprise.


A good Leader has a clear vision of where the business needs to be and is capable of articulating the strategy, structure and processes that are essential for its success. They further identify the right kind of talent that will optimize their business model. Once this model is in place, these Leaders have a unique ability to accelerate the necessary business actions to not only ensure success, but also to get more out of their organizations. This high performance organization drives great business results and also creates an environment where people are stretched to redefine what they are capable of.


So what is the one common trait all good Leaders possess?  In short, a good Leader has the capability to optimize not only the financial, but also the human assets of their organization. 


Getting stuff done successfully defines who we are as a business, a person and as a Leader.


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6 Responses to Drive for Results

  1. Florestan says:

    Barry, a small step for you, a quantum leap for your customers! Good to know we can tap on your experience and business savvy via internet – especially for those of your customers like me, who are living in such remote places like Europe….
    Good luck and keep the blog alive

    • Barry Moze says:

      My pleasure Florestan, and good leaders like yourself are needed all over the world. So get the economies going over there so every one can have a few holidays!!

  2. George says:

    Barry – Thanks for committing to writing what you have learned over the past twenty five years.  It reminds me of the Steve Jobs Story … once he returned to Apple, he reset strategy while simultaneously recruiting a new leadership team.   I look forward to following your blog. – George

  3. Mark says:

    Barry, we all need to adapt to the additional channels of communication available to us so I am pleased you are doing this.  I think carefully crafted blog posts like this will be a great help to your clients and good reminders to us that we need to get together.  The challenge will be how to drive prospective clients to your site via the blogs.  I see this as being additive to your consulting business especially if you can capture thought-provoking nuggets in a few paragraphs.  You are off to a good start!—Mark

    • Barry Moze says:

      Thanks Mark, you are right when you state that focus needs to be thought-provoking and I hope that I will fulfill your expectations with my blogs. Leadership is a complicated art form and the more we can share the better all of us can drive results.

  4. Linn says:

    Barry – As an unofficial “client” I have benefitted from your coaching. Your web site and blog provide concise, practical and thought provoking written ideas. Tools that can help me capitalize on new opportunities to make my latest venture a success. I’ll still look forward to that coaching!

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