Driving the Biggest Change – Our Own

Over the last 25 plus years of coaching executives, I have spent a lot of time working, fighting and even haggling with them to make the necessary changes in their businesses to drive the results they are looking for. But it’s not just the business process that I deal with. I’ve worked with these same executives to identify the behavior changes they need to make to ensure their ability to manage and drive this Organizational Change process and the people behind it. I have enjoyed this work very much, up until yesterday. You see, yesterday I was faced with the reality of the changes that I need to make to ensure my success in the future. So now the Change Management Consultant needs to make some changes of his own. I know that right now as some of you read this, there is a big smile on your face and rightfully so! The Doctor is in need of his own medicine.


So with my laptop, smartphone and iPad in hand I am forging into the land of Blogs, Tweets and Face time. I will be sharing my thoughts on Executive Coaching, Change Management, Driving Results, Strategic Planning and a multitude of other subjects. Many of you have asked me to put these thoughts on paper but given the fact that we are in the 21st Century, I figure the Cloud is where it’s at my friends. I would love to hear from you regarding my blog (yes, I’m officially blogging) and consulting processes and welcome any questions or opinions you may have to offer. I promise you straight forward information and valuable takeaways to help you in your daily work.


Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the most successful and intelligent people in business and this is my way to, let’s say, “pay it forward”.


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  1. Lisa Moze says:

    For a man who says he doesn’t like change, you made the biggest life changing decision by marrying a woman with two young girls. That decision put you on a path that forced continual self reflection and adjustment. I see you as the role model for change.

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