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A Back Yard Conversation With Lou

He was sitting on his favorite lawn chair in his usual spot in the back yard; the sun on his face and a small table next to him with a half-filled glass of water. I grabbed a chair myself and sat down next to him, we shook hands and exchanged greetings. He leaned over and grabbed his glass and was … Continue reading

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Clarity, Reality, Discipline

A True Story for All of My Pragmatists Out There! Wow! Talk about a response to a blog! I’ve received more feedback on this blog than any other to date. On my website, in emails and in every one of my meetings held over the last three weeks. In fact, I felt like Curley from the movie City Slickers   … Continue reading

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And on the Seventh day…

And on the Seventh day they did not rest…. they had an Ops meeting!   As a business leader, one of the largest impacts you can have on your department or corporation is the creation of your culture. But don’t just take my advice on it. Peter Drucker's famous quote: "culture eats strategy for lunch" clearly states his position on … Continue reading

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Why? Why? Why?

No, this blog is not about Nancy Kerrigan and her infamous crowbar attack just before the 1994 winter Olympics. Although, true to good soap opera form, it is a rather compelling story and it has taken many interesting twists and turns since that time. Rather, the why I am talking about is the one that gives clarity, context and color … Continue reading

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The 2% Solution

No, this is not an ad for the latest hair growth cream! But it is advice to help curtail all the hair-pulling going on while trying to manage your business during these challenging times. Wherever I travel, I find business leaders struggling with the slow or no growth economies. Most of you have had experiences in dealing with recessions, high … Continue reading

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Pain/Pain Theory

Pain/Pain Theory The Key to Driving Change Management & Behavior Modification   This theory sits right at the intersection of the Strategic and Operating Model and the Behavioral Model. Over the years I have found this theory to be the fastest way for my clients and their organizations to implement the necessary changes they need to ensure they accomplish their … Continue reading

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The Slide

We pass through the stages of our lives like going down the old metal slide on the playgrounds of our youth. The steep climb up the ladder, the high peak at the top where you can see almost all the way to your house!!  You start out with excitement and the rush of adrenaline that’s sure to follow. You push … Continue reading

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谢谢 – dank u – danke – grazie – gracias – thank you

The corporate world thrives in an environment of continuous improvement – year over year results need to increase and productivity must grow. We need to be leaner, faster and make better decisions than we made last year but, more importantly, far better than our competition. Results are calculated, goals are achieved and then we move on to the next day … Continue reading

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The King has No Clothes

The core premise of my Operating Model (SSPP) is that business leaders will always measure the validity of their strategy and actions against the reality of what is going on in the marketplace versus what is happening within their own businesses.  Working with what is real in the marketplace accelerates your desired results but also captures the hearts and minds … Continue reading

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Consistent inconsistency

In the past few years, we have experienced a more volatile economic climate than I have ever witnessed over the course of my last 30 years in the business world. Meeting after meeting, business leaders are begging for reliable forecasts or fundamental insights into what lay ahead for their businesses.  Long term planning has taken on a new meaning – … Continue reading

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