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The consulting and coaching capabilities of Crystal Clear can improve performance at every executive and organizational level within your business. The categories within which we work include, but are not limited to, the following:


Executive office (CEO, COO, CFO, CIO), Board of directors, Integration of acquisitions, Internal cooperation and coordnation, Change management, Executive development - individual and team, Management development - individual and team, Business reality alignment, Aligning corporate services, Strategic planning, Performance management



What are your issues?

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Trust Issues

What do you do when you or one of your people don’t trust their peers or other key players? Trust isn’t really about the other person’s actions. It’s more about you trusting yourself to handle whatever “they” dish up. We provide strategies for dealing with those who prove to be untrustworthy.

Handling Conflict

When conflict—major or minor—among people is dealt with, decisions get made, business issues get handled, and the company accelerates. Most people don’t speak up because they’re concerned about hurting the relationship, yet not speaking up does just as much damage. We provide tools and ways of perceiving the issues to manage the conflict.

Difficult Performance Reviews

How do you get through to an employee who doesn’t want to own his/her shortcomings? Most mangers judge how the review went by whether the employee agreed. Not a good strategy! How the employee reacts or responds provides more information as to whether the individual can succeed at his/her role. We coach you on how to set the stage that increases the likelihood that your employee will be able to take in and understand how you view him/her.

Holding Others Accountable

It becomes a problem when someone isn’t being accountable. We offer a methodology of holding people accountable that is simple and drives results.

When Arrogance Gets in the Way

We’ve all had or worked with leaders or employees who are arrogant. Most assume that the arrogant person is overconfident. Not so. Arrogance is always the outer manifestation of fear or lack of confidence. We work with arrogant executives to help them develop their confidence. When they have confidence, they are a joy to work with.

Maximizing Performances

The scale runs from those who delegate too much and stay way too high level to others who do it all themselves or micro-manage. The reasons for doing either vary from leader to leader. We are able to identify the root cause, and offer solutions to get the most from your direct reports.

Board of Directors

Creating and expanding alignment between the board and the C office is essential in driving the strategic focus of the company. Our interaction allows the board and the CEO to get the most out of their relationship.

Mentoring Successors

You have a young executive, bright, with lots of energy and potential to get to that next level of leadership. You have an internal mentor program but you want to accelerate the growth process. We have found a way to get young executives on the fast track of maturity.

Strategy needs a reality check

Are you and your team looking at your organization, your marketplace and business issues with rose-colored glasses? Our interaction have allowed our clients over the years to gain greater clarity in their planning process while leveraging what they know but could not see.

International Integration

How do you more quickly get alignment with a new acquisition? Business values match up and there is an understanding of the strategic objectives, but do the actions match that understanding?  We have worked with companies to close those gaps and accelerate the business plan.

New Product Development

When projects run hopelessly late, some engineers protest that creativity can’t be scheduled. That’s not entirely true. When you understand how the brain works and how you can motivate it to work on particular issues, creative ideas flow.

Time Management

A seminar will typically not resolve time management and priority setting with executives over 30. The underlying cause must be discovered. Then that issue must be solved. Possibilities include perfectionism, aversion to conflict, fear of failure, and more.

Working in a Matrix

Working with the leaders of various groups (for example R&D, operations, quality and marketing), we help each understand how they and the others sidetrack the issues. We then give them tools to stay on track.

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