Since 1986, Crystal Clear has offered our clients consulting of a different kind. Rather than imposing the latest “leadership best practice,” we help clients achieve greater success by utilizing and leveraging their own experience, strategy and wisdom to reach a higher level. We’ve fulfilled this role with all sizes of companies, including Fortune 1000 companies worldwide.


A catalyst interacts with elements to speed up the process. How's your company's chemistry lately?



Crystal Clear acts as a catalyst within your organization. We accelerate the process of change that can position your company for greater success. It begins with asking relevant questions to identify the real issues. Unlike many consultants, our approach is not to engage in endless analysis or to deliver weighty reports. Rather, we listen carefully to you and your executives in order to discern what you want and the impediments to attaining it. Then, we provide action-oriented counsel to drive results. Think of it as improving your company’s chemistry.




Experienced professionals who work with your company's leadership.


Barbara K. Woods, Partner


Barb Woods - Crystal Clear Communication

As the founder of Crystal Clear, Barbara is the consummate expert in helping businesses break through their impediments to achievement. She encourages them to align and leverage their key human assets. To every client she brings more than 24 years of experience in consulting on personal effectiveness and organizational dynamics. Clients appreciate Barbara’s uncanny ability to cut to the bare essentials and provide tools suited to a client’s particular need. Once she understands what executives want and the business requires, she helps them home in on their objectives with laser-like focus. Prior to forming Crystal Clear, Barbara spent twelve years selling to Fortune 500 companies and Big Eight accounting firms. Barbara holds a B.S. in education. She has served the Wisconsin Chapter of the Institute of Management Consultants as program director, vice president and president.







Barry J. Moze, Partner Emeritus


Barry Moze - Crystal Clear Communication

Are you and your company aligned with your business reality? For more than 28 years Barry has helped executives gain clarity around this issue to improve performance. A skilled consultant and coach, he specializes in working with corporate officers and boards, assisting with the development and execution of global strategies. Barry was founder and former president of Review Services, Inc. and also Asset Management Group. His background as an investment advisor brings a unique strategic viewpoint to the Crystal Clear consulting process. Clients describe Barry as visionary and insightful. Utilizing those strengths, he connects with executives on a peer level, providing them with a partnership that can advance corporate goals as well as enhance personal satisfaction.