At Crystal Clear we were doing executive coaching before it had a name. Like our consulting, our coaching is direct and effective. We provide both developmental and remedial coaching.


Developmental coaching is for executives who are strong and just want to be better, such as preparing for the next level of leadership or optimizing the performance of the organization.


Remedial coaching is recommended when the technical ability is present, but behaviors are getting in the way. Because we often can discover the root cause of behavioral issues, we can assist executives in transforming themselves in ways that make the critical difference to their careers and to their companies. Most report that they keep the changes years later.



Our coaching model is successful because we:


Thoroughly understand what you want in regart to: Business strategy, Structure to leverage resources, Processes to drive results, Culture you want to create and support the business. Define and articulate your business reality. Understand the good, bad and ugly of your management style.


These steps are essential for our success because they define the road map and rules for our engagement with executives. Therefore all engagements we have are based on clients’ objectives and not our opinion or the latest leadership book.



We differentiate ourselves from the competition because we:

• Recognize quickly when the integrity of what you want is at risk.

• Understand the complex nature of your job and the many constituents you need to satisfy to be a success.

• Identify and define actions that will mitigate your risk.

• Are unrelenting in our commitment to assist you to meet the level of success you have defined.


We have been working with executives for more than 25 years and our clients tell us that we create value by holding up the mirror, not by joining the cheering crowds.


An executive’s only time investment is the time for the coaching meetings. No silly assignments to do in between. The only assignments are directly related to things the client already would be doing. A client’s focus needs to be on the business. Most executives report they end up having more time, not less when they ask us to coach them. And we help them to make sustainable changes.