The Crystal Clear philosophy is that clients know how to run their businesses very well but sometimes lose sight of it. When we help them to identify their blind spots, they rapidly make appropriate changes. Many clients have asked us how we can so quickly recognize barriers to their success. We have developed a tool that identifies four key components of success; any lack of clarity about these elements or weak points in their alignment can impede a company’s progress. The beauty of the model is its simplicity and universality.


Connectivity, Strategy, Structure, Process, People, Clarity, Consistency, Business Reality


Success (or its lack) is a function of the ever-changing business reality. As this evolves, we challenge clients to recalibrate, rethink and realign the four elements of success. Our process is to identify core issues, suggest appropriate changes, help the executives to articulate the behavior needed, and assist the organization in implementing these changes.


Working with clients on what they know, rather than bringing in new processes or systems, enables them to accelerate decision-making and arrive at solutions that work for them.