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The Attrition of Compromise – The Making of the Walking Dead

LEADERSHIP COACHING WARNING: If you are looking for an upbeat coaching moment that will give you the four keys to being a successful leader or a whimsical quote you can put on your wall, DO NOT read this blog. This blog may bring a level of awareness you have been denying for years and, therefore, the threat of dealing with … Continue reading

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The Tree or The Shadow

“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” ~Abraham Lincoln   My wife was reading the Chicago Tribune yesterday when she saw this quote, and Lincoln’s words really seemed to resonate with me.  There are two aspects of this quote that caught my attention.   The first point of interest … Continue reading

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How Does Your Report Card Look for 2014?

I remember those worrisome grade school days when report cards were handed out. The report card would have two columns: one grade for my schoolwork and aptitude and the other for my conduct in class. I’ve never understood this grading system but most of the time I was happy because I had a tendency to get more A’s for my … Continue reading

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Delegation with Expectations – A Speed Pass to Results

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat down with CEOs and heard them vent their frustrations about the inability of their direct reports to make the right decisions quickly. Ironically enough, when I sit down with direct reports they are equally frustrated with the short-handed way their leader delegates objectives with so little information. This then leaves the … Continue reading

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The Gift of Critical Feedback

A few years back I was playing golf with a client of mine and a banker of his. As usual, the typical old golf banter was exchanged in between serious business discussions. During one such business discussion my client said something that, quite honestly, only he could say. I looked at him and bluntly pointed out that he had his … Continue reading

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Upon Further Reflection

Driving results is the key measurement of success for any business leader, not only in regards to the magnitude and speed of achieving these results but also their sustainability. This formula for success is accomplished by making decisions that support the needs of the corporation today while also supporting its long-term strategies. As a business leader, how do you balance … Continue reading

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The Fool’s Fool

I found a quote the other day and it captures many a conversation I have had with some highly intelligent clients of mine. The quote said, and I’m paraphrasing here, "Never argue with a fool. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.”            – Sarah Cook   I would say that most of the CEOs … Continue reading

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A Back Yard Conversation With Lou

He was sitting on his favorite lawn chair in his usual spot in the back yard; the sun on his face and a small table next to him with a half-filled glass of water. I grabbed a chair myself and sat down next to him, we shook hands and exchanged greetings. He leaned over and grabbed his glass and was … Continue reading

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Clarity, Reality, Discipline

A True Story for All of My Pragmatists Out There! Wow! Talk about a response to a blog! I’ve received more feedback on this blog than any other to date. On my website, in emails and in every one of my meetings held over the last three weeks. In fact, I felt like Curley from the movie City Slickers   … Continue reading

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And on the Seventh day…

And on the Seventh day they did not rest…. they had an Ops meeting!   As a business leader, one of the largest impacts you can have on your department or corporation is the creation of your culture. But don’t just take my advice on it. Peter Drucker's famous quote: "culture eats strategy for lunch" clearly states his position on … Continue reading

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