Mark Smits
Area West, Vice President
and General Manager


You’ve opened my eyes to understanding why people behave the way they do, and I’ve been able to understand how information is received.


I would put your help in three buckets:


1) Self-awareness personally. It has been very valuable to have conversation with you about the positioning of something and dialog about the cause and effect of that positioning.
2) Group dynamics. In interpersonal interactions, you have challenged me to think about how the receiving party has received my communication.
3) Global cultural issues. Human behavior dynamics. Had I not worked with you and understood about our global dynamic issues, I probably would have still chosen the path of just issuing orders and they would have continued to ignore the orders.


You’ve helped me understand that I’ve got to unlock certain disablers before the strategy will take. For example, fear is a disabler. It’s an enormously powerful burden that presses down on people and drives their behavior. I need to make sure to take time and deal with it, so people can implement the strategy.


A week doesn´t go by without using the triangle diagram you developed for me to get a difference in behavior at the macro level.




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